Kevin Hoy

Chris Shaffer was my coach for five seasons during my high school/club volleyball career.  During this critical time in my development, Coach Shaffer helped me make significant improvements in every area of my game, especially my physical and mental conditioning.  Many people believe that conditioning is a one dimensional activity involving sprinting, jumping, etc.  In my opinion, nobody understands the mental and physical combination of volleyball specific training the way Shaffer does.  He is able to push players to new levels that they didn’t know/think that they could obtain.  I have seen him work with players of all ability levels, and he is always up to the challenge.  He has a wide range of knowledge that allows him to tailor workouts to any group of players.  As a coach now myself of nine years, I use Shaffer’s drills and exercises for my high school team in every practice.  I just wish I could remember them all!!  I highly endorse Chris Shaffer’s strength and conditioning program for your volleyball team.

Kevin Hoy
Glen Allen Boys volleyball coach

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