Brandon Joyner

While I never had the pleasure of having Chris Shaffer as a head coach, I was fortunate to have him come in at certain times to work with my team while I played at RVC. I can honestly say that my sessions with Coach Shaffer were some of the best practices I have experienced to date. The practices that coach Shaffer has put me through were highly focused on technique and conditioning, and I could tell at the end of each practice that he had made me a better volleyball player. The only complaint I had was that I couldn’t experience those practices more often.

After High School, I attended George Mason University to play volleyball at the Division 1 level. When I returned on breaks Shaffer allowed me to practice and play with his Men’s team, and while he wasn’t coaching me directly I will still able to become a better player from watching his skill and determination. I can honestly say that his determination and will to become a better athlete is contagious.

I am now a former professional indoor volleyball player and current pro beach volleyball player, and I would highly suggest people of all ages to reach out for his help in the strength and conditioning world.

His knowledge for the game of volleyball and strength and conditioning put him at the top of my list for trainers in the sport of volleyball.

If I were living in the Richmond area he would certainly be the trainer for me and still will be when I come into town.

Brandon Joyner
Mason 2006-2011
International Professional 2011- 2013
Professional Beach 2012- Present

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